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The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries

Overkill (The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries, Book Four)

Selling cupcakes. Navigating man drama. Solving murders. All in a day's work for Belinda Kittridge.


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The Birthright

Marked (The Birthright Book 2)

Life with alien ancestry? Meh. Life with dangerous new powers and even deadlier family secrets? Epic.


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Service With A Smile (A Belinda & Bennett Short Story)

Service With A Smile (A Belinda & Bennett Short Story)

This story features characters from The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries.   Belinda gazed down at the fragile cupcake of hope. With trembling fingers, she carefully removed it from the pastry box, peeled off the wrapper, and set it down on a white china dessert plate. She hadn’t taken any chances […]

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