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Smashwords Ebooks Soon on Blio & Available to Public Libraries

Well, this is the news I’ve been waiting for! Smashwords, which I use to distribute all of my ebooks, just announced a partnership with Baker-Taylor. Who are they? After reading the announcement, I discovered that this means two exciting things:

1. My cozy mystery books will soon be available through Blio, an online store and popular e-reading app for computers and other devices.

2. (This is the part that made me squee.) Axis360, which distributes to public libraries, will also carry my ebooks! I love that libraries now lend ebooks so having the chance to be a part of that on some level is pretty exciting.

If you’re curious about the details, you can get the full story on the Smashwords blog.

On a related note, the annual Read an Ebook Week promotion starts tomorrow on Smashwords. To celebrate, I’m giving away ebook copies of my medieval mystery novel, The Jester’s Apprentice, for the entire week! Check back here tomorrow for details!

>Read an E-Book Week Sale!

>Today (March 6) until March 12, lots of ebooks will be on sale for Read an E-Book Week. Smashwords is a partner in this annual initiative. As such, Dead Locked is on sale all this week for 50% off! Just enter code RAE50 at checkout. Dead Locked is available for Kindle and other popular e-reader formats.

While you’re there, be sure to check out other participating Smashwords authors!

>3 Reasons to Publish With Smashwords

>As a part of the “Spread the Word About Smashwords” campaign, I’m posting their little presentation today. And I thought I’d share three reasons to publish your own book through Smashwords.

1. Painless DIY Publishing. Smashwords founder Mark Coker provides lots of specific help so you’re not in the dark about formatting or distributing or even marketing. A step-by-step style guide makes formatting simple, and once a book passes muster it’s available (we’re talking waiting hours at most). I was able to create my own cover, which helped, but Smashwords can offer references for cover artists too. (You can also check back for my “Design for Writers” series debuting this month where I’ll show you how to design a simple book cover.)

2. Awesome Exposure. I was sold the minute I read that you can sell your book through major ebook retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple. And I like that it’s an umbrella deal. Instead of dealing with a bunch of places individually, you’re distributing and receiving royalties through one place, which makes tracking it all much simpler. Plus, they always seem to be working to make things better for the author, which I definitely appreciate.

3. Cost-Effective. Self-publishing used to be a lot of money out the door without a guarantee it’s coming back. It doesn’t get much more cost-effective than free. You don’t pay anything upfront to distribute through Smashwords. They take a percentage of the royalties and that’s it. And author royalties are incredibly generous.

So that is my little rant about Smashwords. If you want to get your book out there and read, give them a try!

>What’s Coming in December

>As November wraps up, I’m sure many of you are wrapping up your NaNoWriMo masterpieces! I have to say for what is usually my least favorite month in New England, November has been phenomenal this year. I hope December will prove just as exciting. Here’s a look ahead at what’s coming to amy & the pen in December.

Pirate Week! As 18th century pirates play into Dead Locked, I’m devoting an entire week to one of my favorite topics. Stay tuned for lots of swashbuckling fun!

Design for Writers. I’m experimenting with an article series idea, helping writers to tackle graphic/web design projects on their own, including covers, book trailers, and websites. I’ll focus on design principles as well as the technical stuff. The first in the series debuts next month.

New Book Unveiling. The first details about my next novel happens right here.

Tomorrow, December 1, is the final day to download Dead Locked completely free at Smashwords. Enter KR98Q at checkout to get your copy today!

‘Til next month!

>Dead Locked Available Now!

>I can’t believe my book is done, but it finally is! After a year and a half, things sped up and came to a head, and as of last Wednesday, Dead Locked was officially finished! And now it is officially available to read as an ebook!

To start things off with a bang, I’m giving Dead Locked away for free from now until December 1, 2010. Here’s how to claim your copy:

1. Go to the official Dead Locked page at Smashwords by December 1, 2010.
2. Checkout and enter promo code KR98Q in the appropriate box.
3. Download in the format of your choice (Kindle format included).
4. Once you’ve read Dead Locked, please leave an honest (yikes!) review.

Feel free to tell others how to get their free copy of Dead Locked on your blog or website. Along with the promo code, you can include an excerpt of up to 3,000 words from the free sample available. (See the FAQ for details.)

To whet your appetite, watch the official book trailer below. Enjoy!