Coffee Break (A Belinda & Bennett Short Story)

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A short story featuring characters from The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries. In this story, Kyle’s love life comes between Belinda and her morning coffee.

Belinda didn’t think she needed to vocalize that they were stopping for coffee. After all, Kyle was her twin and knew her better than anyone. And yet, there she was, watching the turn for coffee come and go at an alarming speed.

“Kyle, where are you going?”

His golden brown eyes, the mirror image of her own, darted her way. “To the marina.”

“You’re going by the coffee shop.”


Belinda paused. “You’re going by the coffee shop.”

“I can’t stop there,” Kyle said.

Belinda stared at him in disbelief. “You dragged me out of bed at an hour of the morning I didn’t know existed, and now you’re refusing to stop at the place where the happy happy coffee is? Do you know the things that could happen to you on a sailboat when I’m not on coffee?”

“I’m sorry but I can’t stop there.”

“Why not?”

“I went out on a date with a woman who works there.”


“She may see me.”

“I’m not asking you to go in. Just sit in the car and I’ll go get my coffee.”

“I can’t. She may be working today.”

“And she’d sense you were parked across the street?”

“She might.”

So Kyle had dated a woman with amazing sensory powers. No wonder it didn’t work out. “So she’d sense you were outside and then what? Run out and clobber you with a brew basket?”

Kyle shrugged.

“Honestly, Kyle. What did you do to this woman that she’d even waste her energy?” Belinda pulled out her phone. Drastic times called for drastic measures, and this was most definitely a drastic time.

“What are you doing?”

“Calling Bennett.” She waited while it rang. She might wake him up, but this was an emergency.

“What’s wrong?” Bennett answered, sounding out of breath, but perfectly awake.

“Why are you assuming something’s wrong?”

“Because it’s early.”


Really early. The only reason I can figure you’re calling is because you’re in trouble.”

So he had valid reasons for that, but Belinda still felt the need to take offense. However, in this case, it was still kind of true. She was in trouble. “Why are you so out of breath?”

“I’ve been running.”

Belinda rolled her eyes. Of course he had. “I need coffee and Kyle won’t stop in downtown because he dated a homicidal barista.”

“What do you want me to do about it?”

“Use your super powers to make Kyle stop for coffee?”

There was a long pause before Bennett responded. “Go to another coffee shop.”

“Where is there another coffee shop?” It was too early to ask her to remember things.

“How about the one you partner with sometimes? It’s right in downtown too.”

Belinda smiled wide. “See, I knew I should call you.”

“What can I say? I live to ensure you get caffeinated.”

Belinda glanced at Kyle. “Well, you won’t have to die today after all.”

“That’s a huge relief.”

Belinda grinned. “You can thank Bennett later. Onward to coffee!”

~ * ~

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