2017: Upcoming Releases, A New Project, & More Posts

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It’s incredible that another year is in full swing already.

Last year saw three book releases and a major home renovation (while trying to finish Misfortune–oh, what fun!). But I’m sure, like me, you’re already neck-deep in new projects and goals, and last year is, well, so last year.

So what’s in the works for 2017?

2017: New Book Releases, A New Project, & More Posts

New Book Releases

Of course, I’ve been planning for this year’s releases. It’s scary thinking about the end of this year when it’s just started, but it must be done.

The year is getting off the ground with book three of The Birthright series, Descent, on January 31. Rosamund really comes into her own in this book, and you’ll see some major developments in her role as an heir to an ancient throne.

Later, book six (holy moly!) of The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries is slated for June. (More info–including the title–will be coming soon.)

Then the fourth book in The Birthright series is slated for next winter, which I don’t wish to think about right now…

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A New Project in Development

I have a new project in the works that’s still in its early stages. I won’t say much yet, except that there may be intrigue, royalty, and a cheeky love interest. (My favorite kind! 😉 )


Blog Nurturing

Looking back at 2016, I realized I unintentionally neglected my blog, far as non-announcement posts are concerned. So I’ve been busy content planning for this year, and I’m excited to move ahead and bring you short stories and more in the coming months!

What are you looking forward to in the months ahead? Leave a comment below!


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