Essentials for the Perfect Reading Nook

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I think for most of us who love to read, it’s a dream to have the perfect reading space. At least, if the number of images of reading nooks and spaces on Pinterest is any indication!

I’m not an exception, and I’ve saved lots of favorites on Pinterest myself. Like all other aspects of home décor, a reading nook is a personal thing. And every reader has preferences about how, when, and where they like to read.

That said, there are patterns to these dream reading spaces. After thinking about it, I’ve broken it down to three essentials that add up to create the perfect reading experience!

Essentials for the Perfect Reading Nook

1 | A Cozy Setting

Reading is often equated with coziness, and it’s easier to concentrate if you have a calm environment. (At least for me.)

There are lots of ways to carve out a cozy nook to snuggle into, and I’ve come across some really creative ideas on Pinterest.

Pinterest reading nook inspiration

After looking over my saved pins, I realized I prefer nooks by (or built into) a window. I like the idea of lots of natural light while I read. Since reading is intensely internal, I find I like that connection to the outside world.

Whether you want to see outside, or would rather hunker down into a darker corner, you really need a comfortable place to sit!

2 | Comfy Seating

There’s something about reading that brings out a desire to curl up and forget everything real for a while.

And because you may be on your bum for a long time, a comfy seat is a must!

You may like to sit up straight when reading, or lounge back. I’m more of a lounger, so I like the idea of a chaise or oversized chair with a plush ottoman.

The Baldwin chair on Arhaus

I mostly just want something soft and easy to sink into that won’t distract me while I’m reading. Having to change positions every five seconds is a real mood breaker.

The Landsbury sectional on Arhaus

Other than standard chairs and sofas, I’ve also seen some cool daybed type ideas that combine the best of both worlds, depending on whether you want to sit or lie back.

Either way, finding a comfy chair is a must for a perfect reading nook.

3 | Good Lighting

Of course, you need plenty of light to read, so you won’t damage your eyes. Sometimes, natural light might be enough, sometimes not. For me, I end up reading a lot at night, so a good lamp is essential.

The Fay lamp from Arhaus

I prefer standing lamps or decent size table lamps. Depending on your space, though, a statement pendant light or hanging light (like these) can also be an attractive and functional addition to a reading nook! Either way, I find having overhead lighting does a better job of illuminating the pages.

La Cage floor lamp from Arhaus

Regardless of what type of lamps you like, protect your eyes with enough lighting!

Additional Elements

A lovely setting, a comfy chair, a cool lamp…those are just the bare bones.

To cozy up a reading nook even more, add throw pillows, a blanket for texture (and warmth during winter!), photos or favorite decorative items, and, of course, a bookshelf for convenience and style.

Whatever your personal taste, these basic elements can be a great starting point.

For more ideas, you can check out my Reading Nook Inspiration board on Pinterest, and maybe start your own! And using what you’ve already got, the perfect reading nook may not be so far away after all.


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