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I’ve always loved stories.

From bedtime tales my parents told me about their childhood (over and over again) to the Berenstain Bears, I lived to hear the next story.

So I guess it’s not surprising that I came up with my own stories and started putting them on paper as soon as I could write.

I carted notebooks with me to school and worked whenever I had the chance (some things don’t really change).

Later, I branched out into poetry and plays, but I always came back to stories.

Amy Saunders, Cozy Mystery & YA Sci-Fi Author

Then everything changed when I wrote my first novel as a challenge in 2009.

Not only was it a novel, but it was also a mystery (actually, it’s what became The Jester’s Apprentice). I was hooked, and immediately dove into my first official book, Dead Locked.

Since then, novel writing has grown from one challenge into three series.

The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries follows the misadventures of an accidental amateur sleuth and her savvy boyfriend. (Because there’s rarely a dull moment in Portside.)

The upcoming series, Royal Ties, introduces new heroines and hunks in fabulously royal settings. (Because what woman hasn’t dreamt about wearing a tiara?)

While Belinda and Bennett narrowly escape certain doom, Rosamund Brandt goes head-to-head with her growing powers and family secrets in The Birthright. (Because you can’t choose your family.)

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When I’m not getting my protagonists into trouble, you may find me baking tasty desserts, watching movies or documentaries, or tackling graphic/web design projects. My life is not nearly as exciting as in my books, and I’m kinda okay with that!

If you’d like to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you! You can contact me and connect with me in the following ways:

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