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Music plays a big role in my stories. It can fuel ideas, alter them, and bolster me to get on with things when I’m dragging my heels. But going back and listening to songs associated with different books can also be a bit enlightening. Especially when it comes to the mood of that book.

The third book in The Birthright series, Descent, is a good example of that. Reviewing the songs that played a role in developing that book, it’s clear the mood is more hopeful in comparison to Marked (book two), where Rosamund was really struggling. In Descent, she’s gaining control (and knowledge) and the music reflects that.

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Songs by Scene

This time around, the songs were more about the overall mood of the story than certain scenes.
The exception is Lacey Sturm’s “Impossible.” (On a side note, if you check out her other tunes, that girl can scream!) That song immediately attached itself to the very opening of the book. I can’t hear it without seeing Roz flying uphill on her motorcycle.

The Meg Myers’ songs helped me establish the book’s overall mood when I was in the early stages (especially “I Really Want You to Hate Me”). But ultimately, “Conscious” by Broods became the book’s theme song. It encapsulates some of the main themes and had the feel I was going for.

“Recovery” is all about the chorus for me, and relates to Rosamund’s relationship with Trent.

So, there you have it. The Descent soundtrack! I’m sure the book four playlist will have a slightly different feel to it, but you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to find out. 😉 In the meantime, I will be posting other Birthright-related things on the blog. And you can check out The Birthright Facebook page for updates as well.

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